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During your fly fishing excursion, which normally leaves around 7:00 AM you can expect to be in some of the most prisitne waters in Florida.  It's very common to encounter Dolphins, Manatees, and exotic birds during your ride to the fishing grounds.  If you choose to venture into the Everglades you can even see alligators and crocodiles during your fishing trip.  The majority of these waters are protected by the government and have been included in National Wildlife Sanctuary's and National Parks.  This will ensure the quality of fishing to remain the same for generations to come.


Our Fly Fishing Trips are all private bookings meaning when you book a charter you are reserving your own boat and guide.  All of the flats guides fish from typical flats style skiffs and when fly fishing can only accommodate 1-2 Anglers per trip.  This is because the skiffs are 16-18' and must remain light so they can access the shallow water and manuver easily so the guide can put you on the most numbers of fish.  These fish are sight fished the majority of the time and require teamwork from the angler and the guide.  We highly recommend you practice your casting before you get on the water with us.  This will make your experience better and more productive catching fish.  If you are a beginner please don't hesitate to mention this during the booking process.  All of our guides have lots of patients during instruction.  Giving us a heads up works the best so we can possibly fish different "easier" spots or species rather than start with a spot meant for experienced fly casters.  We want you to have a great time fishing with us so you will want to come back.

Fly Fishing Trips

Fly Fishing Trips at the dock

Fly Fishing Trips on boat

Fly Fishing Trips winding creeks

Fly Fishing Trips Tarpon

Fly Fishing Trips releasing a Tarpon