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 Tarpon Fly Fishing



During the Spring the Tarpon fishing in Florida explodes with massive numbers of fish migrating towards the Florida Keys to spawn.  Normally, they will spawn around the second week of June so seasoned fly anglers rush to get their guides reserved around these months.  Good Tarpon guides will be completely booked up March-July so we recommend reserving your dates as much as a year in advance if you have specific dates in mind.


Tarpon Fly Fishing Peak Season = April - July

Book Your Trip As Much As A Year In Advance


Normal tackle consists of 12 weight fly rod outfits using floating lines.  Because of the harsh salty environment and hard fighting fish we demand the best tackle available.  We use custom made fly rods by XRodz, Van Staal CVEX reels, along with Wulff brand fly lines.  Our flies are custom tied and will be provided for you at no charge.  If you would like to bring your own fly gear you are more than welcome just please let us know so we can make enough room on the skiff for whatever you bring.


12 Weight Fly Rods For Tarpon 80-200 LBS.

All Gear Provided = Fly Rods, Reels, & Flies

Sight Fishing For Tarpon on Fly


Normally while Tarpon Fly Fishing anglers will be required to cast 30-40 feet accurately on any wind condition.  Which means under no wind conditions you should be able to throw 60+ feet with 3 false casts or less.  No disrespect but this isn't stream fishing.  Our species in South Florida are much smarter and the clear water "educates" fish.  Meaning they are much smarter so presenting more than 3 false casts decreases your chances of catching fish.  If this is your first time you should have 'Realistic" expectations.  Meaning try your best and learn from your guide.  Don't expect to conquer the world on your first trip.  Many of our seasoned fly anglers have been doing this for decades and will tell you mastering this sport takes lots of patients and hard work.

Tarpon Fly Fishing 1

Tarpon Fly Fishing

Tarpon Fly Fishing 2

Tarpon Fly Fishing - Jumping Poon

Tarpon Fly Fishing 3

Tarpon Fly Fishing - Migrating Fish

Tarpon Fly Fishing Gulp

Tarpon Gulping Air